Snoring Chin Strap Effectiveness – Does It Work?

Most people snore at some time, but some people are more than occasional snorers. Snoring affects not only the quantity of sleep that a person gets, but also the quality of sleep.

Heavy snorers generally experience fatigue, drowsiness during daytime and irritability. Snoring can disturb the quality of sleep of the partner as well and may be an indication of obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring is the sound generated because of the vibration of the respiratory structures caused when air movement gets obstructed while sleeping. Throat weakness, mispositioned jaw, accumulation of fat around the throat, dropping of the tongue into the mouth when sleeping on the back, etc, are some of the causes of snoring.

One of the remedies used for stopping snoring is the chin strap. The scope of this article is to provide information on the snoring chin strap effectiveness.

As the snoring chin strap stops snoring, the snorer and their partner will both be able to sleep well during the night and enjoy a better relationship.

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In its simplest form, the chin strap is made from flexible wetsuit material and comes in several sizes and the snorer wears it around the head when sleeping. The stop snoring chin strap is also referred to as a jaw strap or a jaw supporter. When sleeping, a person’s jaw drops and the mouth generally opens. This is because all body muscles become totally relaxed during deep non-REM sleep. As the person breathes through the mouth, his/her throat becomes dry. This causes the throat tissues to vibrate and produce the snoring sound.

When the snorer wears the snoring chin strap his/her mouth remains closed during sleep. As the mouth remains closed, the snorer is forced to breathe through the nose and the mouth will not become dry and vibrate. Therefore, the stop snoring chin strap helps to eliminate snoring. Note: It is not advisable to use the chin strap if a person is not able to breathe through the nose because of a blockage.

It is a cheap option for reducing or stopping snoring and simple to use. Though it may work immediately for most people, for some it may take some time to get adjusted to it. Those people who find it inconvenient to use a stop snoring mouth piece may find a snoring chin strap to be an effective option.

How The Snoring Chin Strap Works

Snoring chin strap effectiveness

Some experts are of the opinion that the jaw supporters or snoring chin straps pull the lower jaw back instead of holding it a little forward to open up the airway. This can happen if the person has a receding lower jaw or pronounced overbite. In those circumstances this appliance will not be effective. Some people find it inconvenient to use the strap throughout the night and some hesitate to use it because of the silly look that it gives.

Summarizing, the suitability and snoring chin strap effectiveness varies from one sleeper to another. A person can decide whether the snoring chin strap is the right product for him to eliminate snoring during sleep only after using it. However, snoring should be taken seriously and it is always recommended to check with a healthcare provider before trying out any product.

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comparative effectiveness study for snoring chin strap options
comparative effectiveness study for snoring chin strap options

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