Snoring Chin Strap

Many people find a snoring chin strap is all they require to eliminate a snoring problem.
Many people find a snoring chin strap is all they require to eliminate a snoring problem.

A snoring chin strap may bring relief to a snorer as well as allow bedmates to again share the same room.

  • Do you share a room or a bed with someone who snores?
  • Do you keep someone awake with your snoring?

There can be few worse noises than to be woken by loud snoring. The snoring usually occurs in the middle of the night, it can become a major cause of contention in a household and is one of the primary reasons for bedmates to sleep in different rooms.

Snoring typically occurs when the soft tissue in the upper palate relaxes during sleep, causing the airways to become constricted and vibrations – and therefore noise – to occur in the throat.

When Does A Snoring Chin Strap Work?

A snoring chin strap helps to keep the mouth closed and has been proved very effective in stopping a person from snoring. People who breathe through their mouth when sleeping are commonly snorers and these people will usually benefit from the snoring chin strap. They are inexpensive to purchase and you will know very quickly if it will be beneficial in reducing or completely eliminating your snoring.

Some snoring may be caused by sedatives or alcohol, which can lead to an increase in the relaxation of the tissues, as well as the uvula, that small triangular piece of skin, which hangs from the roof of the mouth above the throat. Simply eliminating these substances may be all the assistance required to stop occasional snoring without resorting to a snoring chin strap.

The snoring chin strap as an anti-snoring device has proved widely popular and is now used in sleep clinics and hospitals to control snoring in mouth breathers. Snoring chin straps can help to improve breathing through the nose and put an end to noisy snoring by holding the jaw in a closed position when sleeping.

Snoring May be a Sign of More Serious Problems

Snoring can be a symptom of other, more serious problems such as obstructive sleep apnea that if left untreated can have fatal consequences. When breathing is restricted, the sleeper has to work harder to take in a breath. When breathing stops altogether the sleeper must partially wake up many times throughout the night to breathe. These small waking episodes can occur hundreds of times a night and whilst the snorer is probably not aware that they have woken they will not receive a restful sleep.

Research has shown that a snoring chin strap worn during sleep that can hold the lower jaw in an upward and forward position will increase the space in the airways preventing soft tissue vibration and eliminating or substantially reducing snoring.

People who have a loud snoring problem and constantly feel tired during the day, should contact their doctor or a sleep clinic to determine if the cause of the snoring is a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea. Once properly diagnosed, specific treatment can begin. Use of a snoring chin strap can frequently address the problem effectively.

No anti snoring device should be used unless you understand the cause of the snoring. Failing to do so can mask a more serious problem with potential long-term complications. However, for many people a snoring chin strap is all they require to eliminate a snoring problem.

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