Snoring affects about 45 percent of adults and causes discomfort and sleepless nights, not only for the snorer but also for the snorer’s partner. I’ve reviewed many stop snoring products to try to help others too.

Suffering with snoring doesn’t have to be an option. Listed below are my four favorite methods to stop snoring. Hopefully you’ll find information about products here that will help you. We also recommend you visit our review page where we review and compare methods to stop snoring.

Tip #1: Support The Jaw During Sleep

A major cause of snoring is a lack of muscle tone in the tissue of the soft palate and throat. During sleep the muscles relax and the soft palate partially blocks the airway and sets up a vibration in the throat.

People can snore because they sleep with their mouth open. This often occurs when sleeping on the back, which allows the jaw to slacken. Sleeping with the mouth open can cause the nasal passages and throat vibrate. This, in itself, doesn’t cause the problem.

The snoring occurs when the noise caused by the vibration escapes.

Whether you snore because you sleep with your mouth open or snore because of a collapsing soft palate the snoring jaw supporter – also known as the anti-snoring chin strap – will probably help. The snoring chin strap holds the jaw in a slightly forward position designed to keep the airway open. (This is the method that has been most successful for my husband.)

#2: Supporting the Head with a Snoring Pillow

The stop snoring pillow is extremely popular with snorers and with good reason. It has been proved to be effective in many cases because the recessed-core support properly cradles the head while elevating and aligning it to open up the airways. Raises chin off chest for efficient snore reduction and provides enhanced support for the head and neck. The stop snoring pillow works well for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

The pillow is comfortable to use because the reinforced neck roll supports the head and neck and keeps the airway open. My husband actually uses this pillow in combination with the stop snoring chin strap.

#3: Exercises To Stop Snoring

Stop snoring exercises are possibly the easiest and most effective way to change the way you breathe in order to end snoring. Exercises are the key to strengthening the muscles of your mouth, soft palate and the tongue, with the aim of treating the actual cause of the snoring rather than masking it.

The best thing about this program is that it has been developed to treat the common cause of snoring – weak tongue or soft palate muscles – and eliminate the problem. This is not a device that masks your snoring. The exercises are comfortable and easy and can be practiced in as little as 3 minutes a day. Almost anyone will benefit from this easy snoring exercise program although it may not eliminate snoring in everyone.

#4: Hypnosis To Stop Snoring

This is something a little bit “out there” and approaches the problem of snoring from a completely different angle. The SnoreBuster hypnosis program has been developed by certified hypnotist, Bryan Toder. Bryan was a snorer himself and developed his breakthrough program after months of research. ‘Snorebuster’ is a downloadable 30-minute audio hypnosis session and one of the best features is that it also includes a companion audio so that the snorer’s partner can learn to experience a sound night’s sleep too. You can read more about hypnosis to stop snoring on our review page.

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