How To Stop Someone From Snoring

how to stop someone snoring with snoring exercises
Encourage your snorer to start an exercise program focused on strengthening muscles of the throat and mouth

Snoring can be an annoying problem for both the snorer and anyone who shares a room with a snorer. Millions – probably billions – of people worldwide either have a snoring problem or are living with someone with a snoring problem.

In the worst cases snoring can have life-threatening consequences when it is a result of obstructive sleep apnea. That is why you should never ignore a snoring problem, especially if it is causing sleep disturbances to you or your partner.

If you’re looking for the answer to the question “how to stop someone from snoring?” there are several options.

This may sound strange but there are actually exercises that a snorer can perform to strengthen the muscles of the throat and mouth and improve the diameter of the airway, similarly to strengthening your legs or arms when you are working out.

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These exercises are simple and effective and here is the first one: Start with your head facing forward, not moving at all. Try to put your jaw as close to your chest as possible, squeeze the muscles in your jaw and then return to the starting position.

The point is not to actually reach your chest but instead use this motion to work out the muscles in your jaw and mouth. In most cases it is the laxity of these muscles that results in a snoring problem.

Another exercise you should be focusing on involves the tongue. To perform this exercise you want to stick your tongue out as far as you can and hold it out for a count of five seconds.

Stick out your tongue again only this time when you do it you want to try and touch your chin with it and then hold for about five seconds, then relax. You just want to aim it in that general direction and this way you know that you are doing the exercise correctly.

There are some voice exercises that have also proven to work well with snorers. Singing whenever you can will help to strengthen your tongue and other muscles in your mouth.

stop someone from snoring by introducing them to stop snoring exercises
stop someone from snoring by introducing them to stop snoring exercises

Remember that practice really makes perfect and just as you need to be consistent with your regular workout routine you also need to regularly perform your snoring exercises.

If you find that these exercises are just not helping enough to stop someone from snoring you may want to invest in a stop snoring device. The stop snoring pillow and stop snoring chin strap are always popular and work well to reduce or stop snoring as well. You can read more about these methods by clicking on this link.

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