Stop Snoring Pillow

Many thousands of people are using this device and claim that, YES the stop snoring pillow works for them and assists them in achieving a sound night’s sleep.

Who will the snoring pillow work for?

These pillows work exceptionally well for people who snore due to restricted breathing caused by bad posture during sleep. It is particularly helpful for those who sleep on their back.

How does the stop snoring pillow work?

The pillow is wedge shaped and the thin wedge is placed under the shoulders and the raised rolled edge is placed under the neck. This improves sleeping posture by correctly aligning head, neck and shoulders. This assists the snorer by allowing the air passages of the throat to remain open. The pillow manufacturers claim a 70% success rate for snorers where the cause of the snoring is restricted breathing.

The original stop snore therapeutic pillow won several medals at the prestigious Geneva Salon of Inventions for its success in helping snorers (and their partners!) however the manufacturer seems unable to provide evidence to back up its claims.

Where To Buy A Stop Snoring Pillow

You can usually buy these stop snoring pillows at any health store or large pharmacy. Mattress and bedding shops frequently carry them also, although it can be worthwhile to shop around for the best price.

Several top brands of pillows are only available online and you’ll often receive a discount by shopping at the official website.

Whilst the stop snoring pillow works very well for many people who snore due to restricted airflow if you find that it does not work for you then you need to consider the cause of your snoring problem.

Before spending more money on other anti-snoring devices it is important to visit your doctor or a sleep assessment clinic to determine the cause of your snoring.

A cause of snoring in up to 10% of the population is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a serious condition where the sleep is continually interrupted by repeated episodes of upper airway collapse.

OSA differs from snoring in that a partial narrowing of the airways can cause vibration as the air passes over the softer parts of the throat during breathing. When the narrowing of the airways is more significant it can lead to a situation where no air at all reaches the lungs. When the sleep cannot breather they wake up to be able to breathe again. This causes severe disruption to sleep patterns and can lead to extreme daytime tiredness.

OSA is a treatable condition but it is unlikely to be helped much by the stop snoring pillow. Tests at a sleep clinic will determine if a snorer is actually suffering from sleep apnea and may recommend a cpap device to keep the airways open.

So, does the stop snoring pillow work?

The short answer is yes, but not for everyone. If, however, your snoring is caused by poor sleeping posture then it may definitely be worth investing in one of these pillows to see if it improves your sleep and lessens your snoring.

The benefits of a stop snoring pillow can sometimes be increased by following a program of anti snoring exercises to strengthen the throat and tongue muscles.

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